WordPress Solutions

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While I don’t consider myself a website designer, I’ve had extensive experience using WordPress.org. I’ve helped set up several sites using this platform and can advise on ways to customize and add functionality using settings, plugins, and widgets.

I’ve built or supported the following sites built on WordPress.org:

Client endorsements:

If you want to jump-start your ability to use WordPress and understand the new, social-centric approach to web marketing, you can depend on Elizabeth to customize her assistance to exactly what you need.  She will cut through the time-wasting jargon and help you to get where you want to be.

Thanks sincerely, Elizabeth.

Annette E. Petrick, President
Toms Brook, VA and St. Augustine, FL

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Your work getting our WordPress website functional and visually appealing has been wonderful. I received a call this morning from a women seeking tutoring help for her friend. She found us on the Internet and was so complimentary about the ICanRead.org website. She said she could see from the site that we are a very well-organized, effective organization. Thank you, Elizabeth, for the wonderful job you’ve done on our website. What a blessing you have been to AACLC!

Lisa Vernon, Program Director
Anne Arundel County Literacy Council
nnapolis, MD