WordPress Maintenance and Optimization Service

wordpressWordPress is user-friendly, but it still needs upkeep

If your website or blog is a self-hosted site built on WordPress (and that’s what I recommend to all my clients), you know it’s great for being easy to update without having to have a webmaster for every little thing.

I’ve helped many clients set up WordPress sites, and they love having them, but there are still routine maintenance and optimization issues that have to be dealt with on a regular basis. Each one requires you to log into your dashboard, find the problem, and know how to fix it. That takes time, and you’ve got a business to run!

That’s why I decided to offer an ongoing WordPress maintenance and optimization service for your website for only $50 a month(or save $60 or 10% when paid a year at a time). Here’s what it covers:

WordPress Website Maintenance and Optimization Service

  • WordPress core updates
  • WordPress theme and plugin updates
  • WordPress routine security scanning and fixes
  • WordPress daily or weekly site backups that will be emailed to you
  • WordPress routine optimization scans to remove unnecessary files that slow down your site
  • Monitoring and removal of obvious spam

I take care of the hard part for $50 per month per WordPress site (or less if you pay one year at a time).

Take this burden off of yourself or an employee. You’ll spend at least two to three hours a month taking care of these tasks or, worse yet and much more likely, you won’t do them in a timely manner and leave yourself vulnerable to spam and virus attacks.

Photo credit: By georgejmclittle via Dollar Photo Club