Magnifying Glass showing "Website Connection IQ"You need to grab your site visitor’s attention quickly

Research clearly shows that first-time visitors to your site will decide quickly—often within less than minute—if they are sufficiently attracted to what they see to want to explore further. While some business owners spend thousands of dollars on lots of ineffective bells and whistles for their site, the basic elements of a magnetic website are surprisingly simple and often absent.

Does your site make that quick connection with visitors?

RiverwoodWriter’s Website Connection Critique will help you answer that question. Elizabeth Cottrell, writer, social media pro, and experienced web surfer, will check your Home page, About page, Contact Page, and main blog page (or 1 other page of your choice if you don’t have a blog). Within ten working days of when we receive your information, we’ll send you a checklist of recommendations to make your Connection IQ higher than it is right now. Before you can sell, you have to connect. Website Connection Critique $150