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Elizabeth H. Cottrell, a freelance writer, author, social media pro, and digital publisher worked side by side with us to make our vision for the AACLC website become a reality.  Since then she has donated her time to help us learn the basics of WordPress, while updating our blogs for us.  If you haven’t done so already, please take a moment to look at this beautiful website.  Thank you, Elizabeth!

Lisa Vernon
Program Director
Anne Arundel County Literacy Council
nnapolis, MD


Elizabeth has helped us set up and manage the Facebook Page for Lackawanna Bed and Breakfast. The number of visitors, “Likes,” and comments have all been steadily increasing. Our Recipe of the Week and Quote of the Week are especially popular. She’s also great with wording and has helped us with promotional literature and emails. We are very pleased with the progress we have made in this venture in a relatively short period of time.

Sandra Charles
Lackawanna Bed and Breakfast
Front Royal, VA


Here’s my experience with Elizabeth Cottrell and why she has my highest recommendation as a source of information and inspiration on WordPress websites.  Elizabeth can help you enter this new world of web creation quickly and without the time-pilfering errors that occur with self-instruction.

I have had a website for my business for the last decade and it served me well.  But I started to notice a change in the websites I visited.  They looked and felt different from mine.

My website seemed to say, “Here we are, here’s what we do, here’s how great we are.”  More recent websites seemed to say, “What do you need?  How can we solve the problems you face?  Here is some help and information and tips.”  Quite a change in approach.

I understood, but could not quite get my head around how to present my company’s information in the new format. The shift from push marketing to relationship marketing–from the Information Age to the Connected Age– has been rapid and irreversible.  I needed to move onto that new track.

I also realized that the new approach to websites means changing information and updating frequently. I wanted to be able to make changes myself.  So I chose WordPress . . . and then was befuddled, trying to understand the references and instructions in this system, even though it was proposed as the answer for small business people who want to do their own web work.  I was totally lost.

Elizabeth Cottrell to the rescue!!  Elizabeth walked me through the thought process for presenting information in the new, participative way.  She showed me how to offer help and information freely and openly and in so doing, establish credibility without proclamations of grandeur.  She gave me examples of how things could be said differently and presented with panache.

Then she walked me through all the instructions in WodPress, explaining symbols, icons, abbreviations and telling me where to go, to do what I wanted to do.  Her guidance saved precious HOURS of time I would have spent figuring these things out for myself and going down unnecessary paths.

If you want to jump-start your ability to use WordPress and understand the new, social-centric approach to web marketing, you can depend on Elizabeth to customize her assistance to exactly what you need.  She will cut through the time-wasting jargon and help you to get where you want to be.

Thanks sincerely, Elizabeth.

Annette E. Petrick, President
Toms Brook, VA and St. Augustine, FL


“Thank you for your kind words about the book you helped me publish: Your World Impact as a Financial Advisor. It’s been a team effort and I’m very grateful to those who impacted me, whether it was with their wisdom and experience in practicing finance or their gifts of design and editing.

Thank you for your part in making this happen! I appreciate your attention to detail and your diligence in working through the material. Thank you for your efforts in helping impact the world of financial advising!”

Tyson Jon Ray, CFP
Managing Editor – Investments
FORM Wealth Management Group of Wells Fargo Advisors
Author of Your World Impact as a Financial Advisor


“Over three years before our book was published, Elizabeth Cottrell of RiverwoodWriter, LLC, became an integral part of our ‘team.” Not only has she done a beautiful job with the page layout for the book, but she has provided a common sense approach to the entire project. Her sensitivity and steady support in areas far abeyant the mechanics of page layout are deeply appreciated.”

Margaret Akers Trott, PhD
Co-author, Welcome to Fort Valley


“It has been most delightful to work with Elizabeth in my job as editor of HOOFPRINTS, the newsletter of the Eastern Cashmere Association. We seemed to be a team, or rather a family, because she immersed herself in Cashmere goats as if she were one of us, working on the newsletter.

Elizabeth had a deep insight into what we were trying to do with our newsletter.  Our many request for changes or modifications never elicited from her the slightest hint of irritation or loss of patience. She went out of her way to be helpful about issues that  were actually not  directly related to the newsletter work. I can say she went above and beyond to be helpful.

I can’t say enough about the excellent work that Elizabeth has done on our newsletter. Her work is very impressive and the ease of working with her is a gift. I wholeheartedly recommend Elizabeth.”

Anne Repaske
Stoneycrest Farm Cashmeres
Star Tannery, VA


“Elizabeth was already handling the Page Layout for our Non-profit Association’s quarterly newsletter (24-32 pages) when I started working with the newsletter team. From the very beginning, I was impressed with her expert skills and knowledge. She is very creative during the layout of the newsletter, since no two editions are ever the same. Two years ago, I became the Editor and have worked closely with Elizabeth since then. I have only become more impressed with her skills at putting the newsletter together. She gets the job done, it’s done extremely well and it’s always done on time. She does wonders for our newsletter. Every quarter she makes me look great as the Editor. I am very proud to work with and know Elizabeth and I highly recommend her.”

David Spanburg, IT Specialist
President, 7th Infantry Regiment Association
Editor, Cottonbaler newsletter


“You do such beautiful work it makes me want to have you do everything I send out, just because it’s so impressive and makes me look so good!”

Jim Wilson,
Texarkana, AR


“Elizabeth Cottrell is one of the clearest thinkers and most effective communicators I have encountered in my career. She harnesses a superior intellect, an exceptional ability to focus on the task at hand, and a highly engaging personal style to provide value across a broad range of projects and services. Her ability to synthesize disparate information and sources and to communicate clearly and concisely to targeted audiences, both in writing and in oral presentations, makes her particularly effective as a business writer and editor. Her ability to muti-task on complex issues and her strong organizational skills and energy make her an effective and efficient manger of both projects and people. I have only worked with Elizabeth in volunteer and charitable roles, but given her background and credentials I would not hesitate to engage her for any business-related activities in her wide field of expertise and I encourage you to do so, as well.”

Charles Sheridan
Senior Vice President, Oracle Corporation (retired)
Owner, Sheridan’s Retreat


“Elizabeth takes sophisticated technology and communicates it so that key stakeholders and constituents can easily understand it. This gift, coupled with critical wordsmithing talent, gives her a unique editorial skillset for many applications. Her involvement at board level in many organizations across a variety of sectors gives her a valuable strategic perspective to any analytic or planning challenge. Additionally, after planning, she has the energy to implement effectively.”

Jim Herbert, Managing Partner, GlobalStrat LLC


“I have had the pleasure of working with Elizabeth for many years. As board members at First National Corporation and First Bank I have observed her skills of open communications and insight of varied and complex issues. Elizabeth has the ability to analyze financial data, yet remain focused on the impact of decisions on individuals. Additionally, Elizabeth is very committed to serving her community through a variety of not-for-profit organizations in leadership roles. She is extremely energetic, enthusiastic and productive which makes it fun to be around her and work with her.”

Harry Smith, former President and CEO, First Bank


“Elizabeth Cottrell was a key business associate for about eight years. She guided my efforts as a novice online newsletter editor for several years. Since then, she has been editor for my position as a staff writer with a worldwide entrepreneur service. Elizabeth has a deep knowledge of the correct rules of writing and she insists that her writers always do what is right and proper. With all of her knowledge, she is consistently fair to all, she listens objectively to every point of view, and is empathetic with all those around her. It has always been a pleasant experience to be associated with Elizabeth.”

Yank Elliott
Author of The Psychogogic Force


“I’m thrilled with the brochure you created for my business. To make someone feel that their special place has been so accurately depicted in print — to feel that pride of place — is the gift of  RiverwoodWriter, LLC. Their knowledge, concern, expertise, and professionalism will create that special depiction for you too.”

Paula Everett,
Iron Horse Farm
Edinburg, VA


“Several years ago I wrote my first novel –– in long hand since I have no computer. Elizabeth H. Cottrell, CEO of RiverwoodWriter, took me by the hand, developed the right plan of action, and saw to it that my novel was published. Since that time, Elizabeth never failed to find a solution to each of my numerous problems. She is highly professional, very skilled –– and yet a patient friend who always makes time for me. Without RiverwoodWriter, I know I would have given up a long time ago. Thanks, Elizabeth, for your knowledge, your   experience and your understanding. You are everything that’s rare these days: a loving, wise, dedicated mentor.”

Dr. Paulette B. Maggiolo
Author of The Guilty Teacher, The Terrorist Trap, and No Such Word
Woodstock, VA


“You were a critical part of our project (the French Family history book) being completed successfully. Throughout the entire effort, your advice and suggestions were beneficial to  keeping our project on track and moving forward. Your willingness to go the extra mile was much appreciated. Your assistance was instrumental in getting us to a final product that our family will cherish for generations to come.”

Christopher E. French, President, CEO
Shenandoah Telecommunications Co.
Edinburg, VA


“I should take one moment of your time to relate to you the enthusiasm in which the family history book you helped me with was received by all recipients. The comments were all so great as to not only the contents between the covers and the layout –– but also to the beautiful – beautiful cover itself. I can only say ‘A job well done by all.’”

Quentin Silone Proctor

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