Dreams + Belief + Action = SUCCESS

Today’s guest blogger is Jorge Gutierrez “Believe it can be done. When you believe something can be done, really believe, your mind will find the ways to do it. Believing a solution paves the way to solution.” – David J. Schwartz In a season where predictions and resolutions run rampant and one’s dreams become possible …

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Friday Quick Tip: How to Take a Screenshot

Screenshot of screenshot demo

What’s a screenshot? A screenshot is simply a picture of what you’re seeing on your screen. It can be a clipping of just a part of your screen, a picture of the window you have open in your browser, or a picture of the whole screen. Why would you ever need a screenshot? I use …

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Don’t Forget These Small Business Tax Deductions

T-A-X letters on brick wall

It’s time to start gathering your papers, receipts, and records to prepare a tax return for your small business. I always find it helpful to see a list of possible tax deductions to keep me from forgetting something I should be claiming. Not all of these will make sense for every business, but I hope …

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Never forget the rule of value exchange

Laura Roeder is one smart, savvy lady, and I have learned a tremendous amount from her and from her programs. I’ve written before about her Social Media Marketer program. In an email she sent out to her program participants recently, she made a very simple but powerful point for business owners: Never forget the rule …

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A New Year’s Small Business Spruce-Up Checklist

Before things get too busy again… Christmas Day is over, and here in the United States, the last week of December and the first week of January are often quieter and less frantic. It’s the perfect time for you, as a small business owner, to take a day or two to reflect on the year just …

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Facebook Changes: Good News and Bad News

Photo of man yelling and balling his fists

Facebook changes will reduce traffic to your Facebook page Announcements from Facebook about their recent changes make it clear the easy days of getting traffic to your Facebook “business” page are over. Facebook has slashed the number of fans who actually see your updates by quite a bit—yes, I’m talking about those who have clicked …

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The Secret to Selling Art That No One Ever Tells You

Welcome to my guest today, artist Kelly Walker of Kelly Walker Studios in Front Royal, Virginia. When she’s not painting, Kelly spends a great deal of her time encouraging other artists, and I am delighted to shine a spotlight on her excellent advice. There are tips here for any small business person or solopreneur. ___________________________ …

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How To Train Gmail Not to Hide Your Important Email Messages

Screen shot of Gmail Tabs

  In its infinite wisdom, Gmail has created a more complicated filtering system that is intended to minimize the amount of junk email you get and make sure only important emails go to your Inbox (now Gmail calls it your Primary Tab). The problem is that Gmail hasn’t figured out yet how to read your …

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Book Review: SUCCESS USING SOCIAL MEDIA by Teddy Burriss

Book Cover Social Media Success by Teddy Burriss

Success Using Social Media is a valuable “how-to” companion for any small business owner or entrepreneur who feels overwhelmed or confused by how to use social media tools in a way that is both reasonable in terms of the time it takes and effective in terms of the results. It is an easy, quick read …

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Fail Safe Leadership

Welcome to my guest Jorge Gutierrez, a member with me in the Shenandoah County Chamber of Commerce and a fellow believer that service and connection should be the foundation for effective leadership. He shares this review of the book Fail-Safe Leadership by Linda L. Martin and Dr. David G. Mutchler. I hope it makes you think deeply …

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What Is Cloud Computing?

You may have already heard about Cloud Computing, especially if you’re familiar with Amazon and Google – two big companies out there already providing Cloud services to their users.  As Cloud Computing continues to gain in popularity, it’s important for you to know more about it and why experts believe it’s going to be the …

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Handwritten notes in business? You bet!

Don’t miss the guest post today at Heartspoken.com called “Handwritten notes: The pen is mightier than the send,” from BusinessManagementDaily.com. It will give you some inspiring and helpful ways to think about how to harness the power of a personal note in your own business. I’m an avid evangelist for the personal handwritten note. I …

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A Cautionary Tale: Do You Really Own Your Domain Name?

Header from The Word Shark's website

The birth of a website About three years ago, I decided I wanted a website. I researched web designers, exchanged emails with a pile of web designers, looked at their viable sites, and checked out their artwork and graphics. I wanted to be a voracious and nit-picky editor and proofreader – The Word Shark was …

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Ever Consider Starting An Online Business?

Don’t do it alone! You’ve probably heard me raving about the Novice to Advanced Marketing System (NAMS). That’s the workshop for online marketers and small business owners that David Perdew puts on twice each year in Atlanta. CLICK HERE to see what I wrote about it when I returned from NAMS9 in February, 2013. A …

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