How Much Is A Customer Worth?

Customer value is worth considering There is some value to occasionally going through your list of customers and identifying at least those who account for the top 20% of your income. But if you’re trying to squeeze the most value out of each customer, be careful how you do it lest you run someone off …

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The Little Ebook By Rachel Rofé That Overdelivers

BOOK REVIEW: Make Life Easier: 23 Life-Changing Tools To Help With Your Productivity, Healthiness, and Overall Happiness by Rachel Rofé Nonfiction book descriptions often contain so much hype, we’ve come to have low expectations. When I heard Rachel Rofé had a new ebook out called Make Life Easier: 23 Life-Changing Tools To Help With Your Productivity, Healthiness, and …

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How a Virtual Assistant Can Save You Time So You Can Make More Money

I’ve asked my virtual assistant (VA), Tishia Lee, to write an article that explains how a small business owner or solopreneur might benefit greatly—and even become more profitable—by adding a VA to their team. She has some blocks of time available if you want to see what it’s like to work with a VA. Owning a business—whether it’s an online …

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The Email That Saved Me $158

This is a true story It contains lessons for both consumers and small business owners. I was planning a trip with three other people to Charleston, South Carolina, for September 6. I had promised the others I would be responsible for making a reservation for a combination ticket that included a one-hour carriage tour with Palmetto Carriage as well as a Charleston …

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Inbox Housecleaning: Unsubscribe!

Do you ever get tired of cleaning your home? What would happen if one day you decided to stop cleaning? The first few days probably wouldn’t be too bad. But eventually your home would become unpleasant. You and your family would be surrounded by clutter, making it difficult to relax and enjoy the environment. Well …

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Calendar Specials From Day Runner

6 Unbreakable Rules For Your Website’s Contact Page

Yes, housekeeping is important, even on a website You loyal readers will already how important I think it is for the prospects, clients, and customers of your small or solo business to be able to contact you easily. In this post last month— Can Prospects Find Your Contact Information?—I gave you a few homework tasks to make sure you’re …

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Put Time On Your Side with Day-Timer Products

Does Your Business Need A Passion Project?

What is a Passion Project? The 30-Day Passion Project is a brainchild of Laura West, founder of The Center For Joyful Business, creative business coach, author, and speaker. Laura was the creative director at a business retreat I attended in May, and she is a dynamic and talented woman. She has a gift for pulling …

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Free Button Creator: Da Button Factory

Today’s Friday QuickTip is all about buttons. Why use buttons on your website? The rule of thumb is to use a simple text hyperlink when you just want your site visitor to go to a different page or location. But if you want them to take action—e.g., Buy Now, Sign Up Now, Subscribe, Donate—a button is …

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Can prospects find your contact information?

People holding signs that spell CONTACT US

Where’s the contact information? Today’s post was inspired by a recent project my Virtual Assistant was working on for me (Tishia Lee – Tishia Saves Time). I had her researching bloggers in my niche who might be candidates for a joint venture of some sort. I was shocked when I looked at the spreadsheet she compiled for …

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Get Those Customers Back: A Summer Marketing Strategy

Launch a campaign to win back your customers Sometimes it doesn’t pay to be subtle. In the case of luring customers back into your store (or back to your website), for heaven’s sake don’t beat around the bush. Shout it from the rooftop: “We want you back!” Let them know you miss them and want their …

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Business Writing Course And Free Writing Tips

Small business owners must be able to communicate If you own or manage a small business, you are probably your own copywriter, secretary, webmaster, and marketer. Any one of these requires you to be able to communicate effectively using the written word. If you suspect this is not your strong suit, consider investing in yourself …

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Baseball Lessons For Business: Track The Statistics

Number crunching behind the scenes It’s summertime, and baseball is my favorite summer sport to watch. At every baseball game, there’s someone hidden in the announcer’s box charged with a very special job: watching every single pitch thrown, ball hit, and play made, and recording it all in the official scorebook. Each ball and strike, every …

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