Coaching and Mentoring

Coach-Mentor-Ball-WelfAaron_55681699_300Every business is different

That’s why an investment in coaching and mentoring could be so valuable. To provide you with the most targeted, customized help, it needs to be open and flexible. Sometimes you need specific and strategic guidance. Other times, you just need a sounding board and encouragement coach.

Whether your needs are short term (coaching/consultation) or longer term (mentorship), an investment of outside perspective may be the best kind of investment for your business right now.

Free introductory 30-minute phone consultation

You won’t know whether coaching or mentoring could help you unless we talk and I understand more about your situation. If I believe someone else can help you more than I can, and that’s perfectly fine, and I’ll tell you. You may have cost concerns, or you may prefer the predictability of working with me on a retainer with well-defined tasks. Whatever your situation, let’s talk with no obligation to you. Call 540-436-3969 today for an appointment (9-5 Eastern time zone). 

Why me, and what would we do together?

I’m a natural Connector, and I have good instincts about connecting effectively with others. I’ve been involved in many aspects of small and home-based business success that includes running one of my own, participating in chamber of commerce activities, serving on the board of a community bank, and serving on other community boards. I know a great deal about social media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn), blogging, content creation, writing, self-publishing, website stickiness, WordPress websites, and customer-connection strategies, both high tech and low tech.

  • I can advise you how to set up a social media strategy that makes sense with your time and budget constraints.
  • I can review your website and tell you what’s great and what could use some improvement.
  • I can evaluate the way you and your staff interact with customers and help you improve it.
  • I’ll teach you ways to cement your existing customer relationships and increase the chances that a prospect will turn into a customer.
  • I’ll show you how to build a responsive mailing list of devoted followers.
  • I can help you write and/or publish a book or ebook to display and promote your expertise.
  • I can brainstorm with you about ideas for starting a new business or expanding an existing one.

Don’t call me unless….

Please don’t call me unless you’re really ready to be open to change and growth. That would be a waste of your money and my time. But if you’re open to new ideas, new perspectives, and forward momentum, I’d love to talk and see how I might help.

Photo credit: “Coaching Word Cloud” by Welf Aaron via Dollar Photo Club