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7 Tips to Run Your Business Frugally And Increase Profits

When we hear the word frugal, we usually associate it with something people do for household expenses. It’s a word viewed in a negative way. It makes us think we can’t ever spend any money or buy new things. And most of the time, it’s not a word people associate with running a business. But if a business …

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What Goes Into Your Company Operations Manual?

Let’s face it; bad stuff happens Of course you don’t want to admit that something could happen to you that would keep you away from your business, but you know it could. You’ve got a lot of knowledge rattling around in that brilliant head of yours, but without you, would your employees or business associates or family members know …

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3 Organizational Tips To Reduce Tax Season Stress

It’s almost that dreaded time of year again Tax filing season. I’m guessing this is what you usually do: You procrastinate until the last minute. When you sit down to work on tax preparation, there’s no organization whatsoever, and you find yourself staring at a shoebox bulging with receipts and wondering why you thought that was a great place …

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Stress Reduction Tips For Small Business Owners

Of course you’re stressed! You wear so many hats, and each one of your jobs is critical to your business. It’s inevitable you’ll occasionally—or often— find yourself stressed out. You’ve got to take care of yourself the way you would care for your most valuable asset…because you are. Stress Reduction Tips Here are five stress reduction …

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Can prospects find your contact information?

People holding signs that spell CONTACT US

Where’s the contact information? Today’s post was inspired by a recent project my Virtual Assistant was working on for me (Tishia Lee – Tishia Saves Time). I had her researching bloggers in my niche who might be candidates for a joint venture of some sort. I was shocked when I looked at the spreadsheet she compiled for …

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Another Content Creation Tool: Headline Analyzer

Why do business owners need to know about content creation? You may be more familiar with the term “copywriting,” but content creation is essentially the same thing. It is the term used today for writing that becomes content for anything from blogs and websites to articles, ebooks, books, and advertising on TV, radio, TV, or the …

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Book Review: It’s Your Business; It’s Your Future

It’s Your Business It’s Your Future: Success Can be Yours!  A business reference guide by Judy Day Wilfong If ever there were a primer for small business owners to beef up their customer relations and business development skills, this is it. Refreshingly honest and chock full of useful and practical examples to illustrate every point, …

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How To Find The URL Of A Single Tweet

Laura Roeder recently wrote an extremely value-packed article called “Twitter Photo Tips: The Ultimate Guide For Social Marketers in 2014.”  I commend it to you highly if you’re posting photos to Twitter or using Instagram. At the end of the post, she wrote, “Got a photo tweet you’re particularly proud of? Link to it in the comments.” That sounded great because so …

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Let Hootesuite Send Your New Blog Posts To Social Media Automatically

I use Hootesuite to pre-schedule lots of my social media postings in batches when I have time. It’s a terrific service that’s free until you have more than five accounts or platforms. I have upgraded to the Pro account because I post for several clients too, but most people never need anything but the free …

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Answers To Your Burning LinkedIn Questions From Wayne Breitbarth

I am traveling home today from a highly productive business retreat outside of Atlanta, so for your SmallBizSpoken Friday Quick Tip, I’m sharing a video from  my favorite Linkedin expert Wayne Breitbarth. Wayne is being interviewed by Jeff Coons of Stream Creative, and from Wayne’s own blog, here are the LinkedIn questions answered in the interview: 1. What is LinkedIn’s …

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Twitter in Ten Minutes A Day: It’s Worth Your Time

Twitter can be a colossal waste of time (if you’re using it incorrectly) There, I’ve said it. If your idea of Twitter is sharing trivial information about daily practices that not even your mother cares about, it would indeed be a waste of time. But if you think that’s all Twitter has going for it, …

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Don’t Make These Mistakes When Using Google+

“10 Tips: How Not to Use Google Plus” by Krista Bunskoek   http://socialmediatoday.com/krista-bunskoek/1641096/google-plus-10-mistakes-to-avoid   SocialMedia Today   8/2/13

Almost Free Online Advertising: Thumbtack.com

You know about Thumbtack.com, right? This is what my friend Snowden McFall, a successful professional speaker and author, asked me recently when we had one of our support-each-other phone calls. I didn’t, and she was delighted to share. “It’s a wonderful service for matching what you do with people who need your services. It’s brought …

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How To Increase Your Productivity by 30%

envelope with email logo

How do you spend the first hour of your day? Brendon Burchard is a business mentor, motivational speaker, teacher, and founder of the High Performance Academy. Watching this video on his Charged Life website recently, I was struck by something I’d heard before but not really paid attention to: the way we spend the first …

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