Book Review: It’s Your Business; It’s Your Future

WilfongBookCoverIt’s Your Business It’s Your Future: Success Can be Yours! 

A business reference guide by Judy Day Wilfong

If ever there were a primer for small business owners to beef up their customer relations and business development skills, this is it. Refreshingly honest and chock full of useful and practical examples to illustrate every point, author Judy Wilfong is speaking from experience. She is founder and president of New vision Windows & Walls, Inc., a successful decorating business she has managed for over 28 years. She has more recently been a business advisor and teacher to business owners across the country, and she shares the core of her teaching in this small, easy-to-digest book.

Amidst the tide of books about using technology to build customer relationships (relationship marketing), Ms. Wilfong’s book goes back to the basics of three areas critical to any small business: 1) Customers and Relationships; 2) Effective and Efficient Communication; and 3) Handling Problems and Conflict. In each, she covers several key areas that small business owners encounter on a regular basis, ranging from building an excellent reputation, the importance of body language and listening skills to contracts, expectations, and when to let a customer go.

Her examples are sometimes cautionary tales about the consequences of mistakes made. Other times they are shining examples of things that were done right. In both cases, they turn what could be a dry textbook into an experiential learning lab where lessons are understood and internalized.

Judy Day Wilfong

Judy Day Wilfong

I found this book to be highly valuable for anyone trying to start or build a business, regardless of whether the owner is operating from a bricks-and-mortar storefront, going to the customer as a service provider or consultant, or operating online. It would make a terrific gift for someone starting out, but there are lots of lessons from which even seasoned entrepreneurs can benefit.


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  1. Sounds like a good read! I like the 1), 2), and 3) you mentioned above. 1) Customers and relationships. There are no customers if you can’t build and continue to strengthen relationships! 2) Effective and Efficient Communication – get back to potential clients quickly, give them a deadline (I will have an answer for you by ___________ date), and then honor that deadline. Follow-up communication is key as well. Once the job is done, follow up! Thank the client for their business. And that goes back to building relationships. 3) Handling problems and conflict. With every business, there are conflicts, disagreements, etc. And yes, sometimes I have had to turn away clients. We just aren’t the right fit, they are too defensive or don’t appreciate a bit of my advice, knowledge, or experience. I don’t expect all clients to agree with all my advice, but I do like it when they at least consider it. I prefer to work with clients who are willing to do a little give and take, speak up when they disagree, but take suggestions as well.

  2. Thanks for these great points, Karen. You and the book’s author are on exactly the same wavelength. What I particularly enjoyed about the book was the reminder not to get so hung up in new-fangled technology, bells & whistles, software, tools, etc. that we forget the tried-and-true basics that have served successful business men and women for centuries.

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