YOU Are Your Own Biggest Bottleneck To Success

Success Magazine is one of my favorite sources for inspiration, motivation, and great business tips. Not only is the magazine easy to digest in small segments, but I love popping the CD that comes in each issue into my car’s CD player so I can listen to editor Darren Hardy interview business leaders and what they have to share with the rest of us.

Darren Hardy also has a weekly blog that is chock full of free success-building content. His post this week, “The Bottleneck of Your Success” delivered a tough message:

You and I are the biggest bottlenecks to our own success.

This brought me up short and made me realize that my insistence on doing everything myself has really held me back. Read the whole post, but here are some action tips he gave:

1) Look in the mirror to find your weakest link.

2) Figure out and write down what YOUR one thing is [the one thing you’re best at that no one else can do].

3) Stop doing 90% of whatever else you are doing.

4) Make sure your people have the grand vision and have the clear path, resources and knowledge needed to do all that stuff you are no longer going to do or be involved with.

Even sole proprietors like me can apply these principles. I’ve started using a virtual assistant to free myself up to be more productive. I’m beginning to sub out work that doesn’t further my big picture. I’m starting to pay for services that others do better than I do, and sometimes this includes ironing! 🙂

Take a few minutes to read Darren’s post and think about how you can get out of your own way to business success.

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