Let Hootesuite Send Your New Blog Posts To Social Media Automatically

Hootesuite LogoI use Hootesuite to pre-schedule lots of my social media postings in batches when I have time. It’s a terrific service that’s free until you have more than five accounts or platforms. I have upgraded to the Pro account because I post for several clients too, but most people never need anything but the free version. [I wrote an earlier post called “What is Hootesuite and why should I care?”]

I recently discovered that if you have a blog, you can use your blog’s RSS feed in Hootesuite to create an automatic posting to whatever social media platforms you wish whenever you add new content to your blog. This saves you from having to do it manually and ensures your new content gets promoted quickly. This short video tells all about how to find your RSS feed and how to set up Hootesuite so it posts automatically.

Give some thought to the different types of communities on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, etc. You may want to automate your post to one or two but handle the others manually so you can change up the message. Give Hootesuite a try. It will help you manage your social media more easily.


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