Free Publicity Leads And Where To Find Them

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Nobody knows publicity like Joan Stewart

I’m always eager to read articles by Joan Stewart, a.k.a. The Publicity Hound, because she invariably shares valuable and easy-to-implement strategies for marketing whatever you want: your business, yourself, your organization, your charity, or your products and services.

So when I saw her article on the Future of Ink website entitled “WhereTo Find Hundreds of Publicity Leads (All For Free),” you can bet I hopped on over to read it. So today’s quick tip is this: GO READ JOAN’S ARTICLE TOO by clicking on the article title above!

4 Sites—lots of publicity opportunity

Her first—and clearly her favorite—source for free publicity is the Help A Reporter Out (HARO) website. She shares several interesting and entertaining stories from people who have used this free resource successfully.

Her other free publicity resources include:

She describes each one and how they work. She also included a highly effective paid site for publicity if you have a healthy marketing budget.

Use these sites for research too!

If you’re a freelancer writer or journalist, or just writing an article for which you’d like to quote an expert, you can use these sites to look for experts or credible sources to quote too. At HARO, for instance, you put out a query and check which category is goes in. Then business owners and experts who have signed up to receive queries in those categories will be notified and can decided if they wish to respond to your query. Easy peasy.

Don’t botch it by making mistakes

This article also includes a terrific list on the etiquette of using these sites and working with journalists. Follow the rules!

I hope Joan’s article will give you some ways to promote your business without increasing your budget.