How To List Your Blog On Kindle…For Free!

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I don’t care how much competition is out there, Amazon’s Kindle marketplace is still a huge and important market, and you don’t have to be a book author to get some visibility there. All you have to do is have a blog to which you post regularly, and I encourage all my small business clients to build a blog into their business website as a way to provide value for their clients. Once your blog is listed, Kindle users can download your posts to their Kindle to read whenever they want from wherever they want!

To get started, go to Don’t confuse this with the Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) platform. Even if you are already signed up with KDP, create a new, free account on this platform.

Once you sign up and log in, you’ll probably be taken to the “Your Blogs” dashboard, but if not, click on “Your Blogs” tab in the top right menu. This is where your blogs will show up once they’ve been added.  To the right you’ll see a green + sign and the words “Add Blog.” Click this and you’ll be taken to the Add Blog form that looks like this:


From here, you can see what information and files you’ll need to register your blog. Your blog feed is usually Click the “Validate Feed” button after entering your feed URL to make sure it works.

Spend some time on your blog description. This is what a stranger will use to decide whether or not to pay for and download your blog. The keywords field is important too. Don’t get too frustrated if none of the categories is a good match for your blog. Just make the best choice you can.

Use the Save button at the bottom to save your work as you go along. You can preview it before you click “Publish Blog to Kindle.” (These buttons are not shown in the screen shot above).

If you’re taken back to an account page after you click “Publish,” just fill out any additional fields of profile information.

The Kindle team will review your blog and let you know when it’s available on Kindle.

This is not going to make you rich. Kindle charges your readers about $.99 a month (you can’t control this), and you only get a tiny bit of that. The main reason you want to register your blog on Kindle is for visibility and to extend your reach. Your blog will have a higher perceived value. You just never know who might find your blog because of it being on Kindle.

I’ve had my other blog,, on Kindle for awhile, and now’s blog is there too. I added it last week, and it took less than an hour for it to be listed after I pushed the “Publish” button.

And remember: your potential readers don’t have to own a Kindle e-reader to enjoy Kindle content. There are free Kindle apps for computers, tablets, and cell phones.

Get your blog listed on Kindle right away! Then don’t forget to tell everyone you’re on the Kindle marketplace. Spread the word! Update your blog, website, and social media networks.


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