Keep Filing Drawers Where You Can Reach Them

Open filing drawer


This week’s tip is truly quick and simple, but it can help your daily productivity tremendously.

I have four filing drawers I can reach without getting out of my chair. They consist of two two-drawer files side-by-side. When I open any of these drawers, I’m looking down on the files and can see the names of each file folder or file section.

I’ve seen many offices, however, in which the filing cabinet close to the desk is a four-drawer cabinet, so you have to stand up to see what is in the top two file drawers.

If possible, use a short filing cabinet next to your desk or convert the bottom, right-hand drawer in your desk into a hanging file system. This way, you can simply glance down to see the names of each file folder or file section. Keep your most often-used files here, so all you have to do is open a drawer and drop in receipts, tax information or client documents as you sit at your desk. This will greatly reduce the temptation to leave those papers on your desk to become messy piles.

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Photo Credit: Filing Drawer by Andrea Church via DollarPhotoClub

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